Claimed Event

Leak from blocked air-conditioning condensation drain.


The assessment and mould sampling conducted by the customer’s “consultant” was not done in accordance with recognised industry standards and guidelines. The assessment, sampling and report did not consider the difference in “normal” mould ecologies from habitable areas within the property to non-inhabited areas such as wall cavities and ceiling voids. The customer raised a complaint regarding the significant difference in price between their “consultants” and RIC’s remediation estimate which was escalated to IDR.


Based on RIC’s report, IDR was able to uphold the decision that the Insurer’s liability was for $500 in relation to the event-related mould remediation scope.


If the initial assessment was undertaken by a trained and qualified Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) in accordance with recognised industry guidelines and standards, a clear and define scope for what the claim related damages were would have been provided. This would have significantly reduced the total lifecycle of this claim. The customer finally accepted the scope of works as determined by RIC which led to a saving of $17,500 as the unrelated and unnecessary works were not undertaken.