Claimed Event

Escape of liquid from air-conditioning condensation pipe.


The assessment and mould sampling undertaken by the customer’s “consultant” was not conducted in accordance with industry guidelines or standards. The assessment did not consider other factors in the environment which would most likely affect the results of the mould sampling including the presence of mould affect contents in the areas sampled but not related to the event. Significant costs and time were added to this claim as a result of a poorly conducted assessment and incorrect interpretation of the mould analysis results.


We identified and removed a total of $12,500 in additional and unnecessary costs for this claim.


If the initial assessment was undertaken by a trained and qualified Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) in accordance with recognised industry guidelines and Standards, the remaining works related to the claim event would have been clearly defined.
As such, the total lifecycle and costs of the claim could have been significantly reduced and also lead to greater customer satisfaction.

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