Restoration Industry Consultants

Restoration Industry Consultants

Australia’s leading indoor environmental consultancy specialising in enhancing outcomes for property restoration and remediation.

Save time and money and reduce risk

The Simple Truth

We provide Restoration Contractors, Insurance Builders, Loss Adjusters and Insurers with one independent, professional, unbiased and reliable source to achieve the very best outcomes for restoration and remediation projects.

We do this by providing pragmatic, experienced and science-based consulting services to better define the minimum scope of work, ensure compliance, and decrease job failure rates. Our services help reduce overall project lifecycles and associated costs as well as enhance policyholder experiences.

We have years of hands-on field experience

Experience Counts

As our consultants are former insurance builders and restorers, they have years of hands-on field experience as well as qualifications in the provision of restoration and remediation services. This real-world experience enables RIC staff to provide thorough assessments and practical advice and scope of work to achieve the best outcomes for our client’s projects.

We offer the following services;

  • Restoration & Remediation Consulting

  • Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Provision of Industry Training

Industry Challenges

Over Scoping

There is a significant lack of understanding within the insurance industry as to who is qualified to provide “hygienist” services for restoration and remediation projects. As there is no single professional designation for someone to be recognised as an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) there are numerous self-proclaimed IEPs or “consultants” that do not have the required experience, knowledge and qualifications to meet the criteria for being considered an IEP. As a result, many remediation/restoration projects are either over or under scoped, timeframes and costs have blown out and all kinds of confusion leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Lack of Experience

Poorly conducted assessments lead to contamination being left in the property. Due to a lack of knowledge and low confidence, there is a tendency to rely on the results of microbial sampling without the knowledge of sampling limitations or how to properly interpret results. A significant amount of unrelated and pre-existing damage is being included as part of the claimable repairs due to the inability of some consultants to differentiate.


There is a tendency to complicate projects by conducting unnecessary sampling when it is not required as well as incorrect interpretation of analysis results.

Those who lack experience and education often don’t have the confidence to make determinations without the need for taking samples. There is also a lack of understanding regarding the limitations of various sampling and analyses and how to properly interpret the result relevant to the environment the sample was taken from.

Fear and confusion

Many “consultants” or “hygienists” will use baffling scientific or technical language making it difficult for other parties to properly understand the level of risk and the required associated works.

Often alarmist language will be used when it comes to microbial contamination (mould and bacteria) which can cause unwarranted fear for customers as well as escalate claims.

High Failure Rate

Post Remediation Verifications are commonly “failed” based on improper microbial sampling and incorrect interpretation of results leading to unnecessary additional works, prolonged project turnaround times as well as significant additional project costs.

How we can help you

Services Offered

We offer a comprehensive suite of services including;

  • Assessments and investigations of properties damaged by water, fire & smoke, microbial contamination and other hazardous contaminants
  • Determination of cause of damage as well as pre-existing and unrelated issues
  • Provision of scope of works for required remediation and restoration
  • Restoration & Remediation Project Consulting for all stages of the works
  • Post Remediation Verification of completed projects

When we can help you

Event Types

Our services are appropriate for events such as;

  • Fire & Smoke Damage
  • Water Damage & Structural Drying
  • Microbial Contamination (mould, bacteria, etc)
  • Malicious Damage (drug residue, vandalism, etc.)

We Are Australia’s Leading Independent Indoor Environmental Consultancy for Restoration Projects.

We are 100% committed to

Providing Better Outcomes

We are committed to excellence in the restoration service industry and creating better outcomes for all parties. We guarantee that;

  • all assessments are conducted or directly overseen by experienced and certified consultants

  • our consultants are former remediation/restoration contractors and builders with years of hands-on industry experience

  • we will clearly define what is or is not claim related (pre-existing and unrelated damages)

  • we will provide pragmatic, solutions-based advice in accordance with recognised industry guidelines

  • we will use easy to understand language without being alarmist

  • we will provide clear and concise reports without high levels of unnecessary or irrelevant content, and

  • we will not bias our reporting for any party.

We create, promote and adhere to

Industry Best Practices

We are committed to improving industry outcomes and increasing the knowledge and capabilities of those that we work with through promoting best practices, sharing our learned experience and providing leading industry education.

We are members of the following organisations and associations;

Everybody Benefits

Everyone benefits from having an independent source of truth for restoration projects and insurance claims. Here are some of the benefits our clients experience;

Insurance Business

  • Reduced overall claim lifecycle
  • Reduced Claims Costs

  • Compliance with industry Standards and guidelines

  • Only remediation and repairs related to the claim are undertaken

  • Reduced risk of non-compliance, disputes and potential litigation

  • Consistent service delivery nationally (and New Zealand)


  • Consistent service delivery nationally (and New Zealand)

  • Removes responsibility to define the required scope of works

  • Provides confidence on the required scope of works

  • Removes ambiguity from projects enabling quicker discission making

  • Validates restoration/remediation decisions

  • Provides access to independent third-party restoration and remediation consultants without conflict of interest

  • Provides independent verification that their completed works have met the minimum requirements set forth by the industry standards and guidelines

Insured Customer

  • Provides confidence that all works are verified by an independent third-party as being completed in compliance with industry standards and guidelines

  • Prevents them from being exposed to hazardous contamination in a property

  • Helps to get them back into their home sooner

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