• Leak from blocked air-conditioning condensation drain.

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  • Escape of liquid from air-conditioning condensation pipe.

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  • Mould remediation claim with escalation in scope and costs.

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what I customers think of us

Honesty, integrity & experience


“Outstanding Work”

5 / 5

These guys are legends. The insurance company wasn’t coming to the party and the three quotes we had were vastly different. RIC sorted out the problem quick smart so we were able to get it fixed and get back to business.

Adam Sutcliffe



5 / 5

As a large insurer we often get over stated claims from people wanting to sneak in a few extras on their claims. Jeremy and his team were able to quickly assess the damage that was actually claimable and this reduced the payout significantly saving our business tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Christyn Johnson



5 / 5

Restoration Industry Consultants are incredibly professional and operate with integrity every single time. We are currently saving around $7-12k per claim across hundreds of claims each month. Highly recommended for any companies struggling with excessive restorer/builder markups.

Leon Davies